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Free 3 Day Masterclass Series
Liberate yourself from limiting patterns and beliefs, awaken true, authentic confidence and step into your divine feminine power.
In this free 3 day Masterclass series, you will learn powerful tools and processes to heal your limiting beliefs and patterns, release self-doubt, perfectionism, people pleasing and worrying what others think, embody your divine feminine power and step into the fullest, brightest and most authentic expression of yourself.
Discover how to:

√ Heal your inner child and get to the root cause of your subconscious blocks, critical self-talk and limiting beliefs.

√ Reconnect with your true, authentic self so you can stop living your life for everyone else and start being unapologetically yourself.

√ Build a loving relationship with yourself so you can experience deeper self-confidence, self-belief, self-love and self-trust.

√ Break free from the patterns that are keeping you small and stuck such as self-doubt, people pleasing, perfectionism, comparison and worrying what others think.

√ Awaken and embody your divine feminine energy and essence (and resolve the patterns of your wounded feminine).

√ Feel a deep sense of self-worth, wholeness and enoughness from within and finally start living in your full feminine power.

√ Liberate yourself from what feels like it has been weighing you down and holding you back for too long and experience the inner freedom you are craving.

The Details:
Day #1: Liberate yourself from limiting patterns, programming and beliefs
When: [AUS] Tuesday 6th September 9am AEST
[USA] Monday 5th September 4pm PT | 7pm ET
Day #2: Embody true, authentic confidence, self-belief & self-love
When: [AUS] Wednesday 7th September 9am AEST
[USA] Tuesday 6th September 4pm PT | 7pm ET
Day #3: Awaken your divine feminine worth, power and wholeness
When: [AUS] Thursday 8th September 9am AEST
[USA] Wednesday 7th September 4pm PT | 7pm ET

All sessions will be recorded and replays will be available.

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This training is for you if:

√ You've been trying to create change, break habits and uplevel your life but you keep getting stuck and falling back into old patterns.

√ You experience negative self-talk, self-judgement, self-criticism and perfectionism which leaves you feeling that nothing you do is good enough.

√ You find it hard to fully trust yourself, your decisions and your intuition and you find yourself over-analysing, questioning yourself and battling with self-doubt which crushes your confidence.

√ You tend to fall into patterns of people pleasing, modifying yourself to keep others happy, suppressing your voice and being 'easy going' and you feel disconnected from your power.

√ You spend a lot of time in 'doing-mode', working, achieving and ticking items off the to-do list and you've become disconnected from your feminine essence.

√ You're ready to liberate yourself from all of your limitations and step into deeper self-love, confidence, personal power, wholeness, self-worth and divine feminine energy.

Meet Your Host:

Connie Chapman is a Certified Life Coach, Women's Empowerment Mentor and host of the Awaken Radio podcast.

For the past decade, through her Coaching Programs and Online Courses she has supported thousands of women to break through their inner blocks and step into their full potential.

Her mission is to help women embody their divine feminine energy and build a loving relationship with themselves, so they can feel confident, worthy, whole and empowered from within and become magnetic to the life and relationships they desire. 

Connie's work is based deeply on her own journey and her unique approach combines intuitive wisdom with transformational coaching skills and body-based practices to create deep and lasting change.

(c) 2022 Connie Chapman
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